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BetMcLean Cup Final T-shirt

BetMcLean Cup Final T-shirt

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BetMcLean Cup Final Cotton T-Shirt

Youth Sizing | W=Width L=Length

SY W 40.64cm L 52.07cm
MY W 43.18cm L 55.88cm
LY W 45.72cm L 59.69cm
XLY W 48.26cm L 63.5cm


Adult Sizing | W=Width L=Length

S W 45.72 cm L 71.12 cm
M W 50.8 cm L 73.66 cm
L W 55.88 cm L 76.2 cm
XL W 60.96 cm L 78.74 cm
2XL W 66.04 cm L 81.28 cm
3XL W 71.12 cm L 83.82 cm
4XL W 76.2 cm L 86.36 cm
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